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LG AN-MR500 Smart Magic Remote Control With Voice Mate

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Product Description

Brand: LG

Compatible Models:

40UB8000, 40UB8000UB, 40UB8000-UB, 42LB6300, 42LB6300UQ, 42LB6300-UQ, 42LB6500, 42LB6500UM, 42LB6500-UM, 42LB6700, 42LB7200, 47LB6300, 47LB6300UQ, 47LB6300-UQ, 47LB6350, 47LB6350UQ, 47LB6350-UQ, 47LB6500, 47LB6500UM, 47LB6500-UM, 47LB6700, 47LB7200, 49LB8700, 49UB8200, 49UB8200UH, 49UB8200-UH, 49UB8300, 49UB8300UG, 49UB8300-UG, 49UB8500, 49UB8500UA, 49UB8500-UA, 50LB6300, 50LB6300UQ, 50LB6300-UQ, 50LB6500, 50LB6500UM, 50LB6500-UM, 50PB6600, 50PB6600UA, 50PB6600-UA, 55EC9300, 55EC9300UA, 55EC9300-UA, 55LB6300, 55LB6300UQ, 55LB6300-UQ, 55LB6350, 55LB6350UQ, 55LB6350-UQ, 55LB6500, 55LB6500UM, 55LB6500-UM, 55LB6700, 55LB7200, 55LB7200UB, 55LB7200-UB, 55UB8200, 55UB8200UH, 55UB8200-UH, 55UB8300, 55UB8300UG, 55UB8300-UG, 55UB8500, 55UB8500UA, 55UB8500-UA, 55UB9500, 55UB9500UA, 55UB9500-UA, 60LB6300, 60LB6300US, 60LB6300-US, 60LB6500, 60LB6500UP, 60LB6500-UP, 60LB7100, 60LB7100UT, 60LB7100-UT, 60LB8700, 60PB6600, 60PB6600UA, 60PB6600-UA, 60PB6900, 60PB6900UA, 60PB6900-UA, 60UB8200, 60UB8200UH, 60UB8200-UH, 60UB8500, 60UB8500UA, 60UB8500-UA, 65LB6300, 65LB6300UE, 65LB6300-UE, 65LB7100, 65LB7100UB, 65LB7100-UB, 65LB7200, 65UB9200, 65UB9200UC, 65UB9200-UC, 65UB9300, 65UB9300UA, 65UB9300-UA, 65UB9500, 65UB9500UA, 65UB9500-UA, 65UB9800, 65UB9800UA, 65UB9800-UA, 65UC9700, 65UC9700UA, 65UC9700-UA, 70LB7100, 70LB7100UC, 70LB7100-UC, 77EC9800, 77EC9800UA, 77EC9800-UA, 77EG9700, 79UB9800, 79UB9800UA, 79UB9800-UA, 84UB9800, 84UB9800UA, 84UB9800-UA, 98UB9800, 98UB9800-UA, 98UB9800UA, 98UB9810, 98UB9810-UB, 98UB9810UB, 105UC9


Part Number: AN-MR500G

Description: Remote Control


Condition: USED; May Contain Scratches or Scuffs. 

Warranty Information

Sold: R15B6(CD111122)#15866; R11B10(CD123022)#16051

Product Reviews

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  1. Replacement for old one

    Posted by Sylvia on Jun 29th 2019

    Works well

  2. good for original LG replacement

    Posted by Christine on Mar 5th 2019

    Good quality. Price

  3. smart magic remote

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 10th 2018

    Great product, great price!

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