LG AN-MR500 Smart Magic Remote Control With Voice Mate

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Brand: LG

Compatible Models:

40UB8000, 40UB8000UB, 40UB8000-UB, 42LB6300, 42LB6300UQ, 42LB6300-UQ, 42LB6500, 42LB6500UM, 42LB6500-UM, 42LB6700, 42LB7200, 47LB6300, 47LB6300UQ, 47LB6300-UQ, 47LB6350, 47LB6350UQ, 47LB6350-UQ, 47LB6500, 47LB6500UM, 47LB6500-UM, 47LB6700, 47LB7200, 49LB8700, 49UB8200, 49UB8200UH, 49UB8200-UH, 49UB8300, 49UB8300UG, 49UB8300-UG, 49UB8500, 49UB8500UA, 49UB8500-UA, 50LB6300, 50LB6300UQ, 50LB6300-UQ, 50LB6500, 50LB6500UM, 50LB6500-UM, 50PB6600, 50PB6600UA, 50PB6600-UA, 55EC9300, 55EC9300UA, 55EC9300-UA, 55LB6300, 55LB6300UQ, 55LB6300-UQ, 55LB6350, 55LB6350UQ, 55LB6350-UQ, 55LB6500, 55LB6500UM, 55LB6500-UM, 55LB6700, 55LB7200, 55LB7200UB, 55LB7200-UB, 55UB8200, 55UB8200UH, 55UB8200-UH, 55UB8300, 55UB8300UG, 55UB8300-UG, 55UB8500, 55UB8500UA, 55UB8500-UA, 55UB9500, 55UB9500UA, 55UB9500-UA, 60LB6300, 60LB6300US, 60LB6300-US, 60LB6500, 60LB6500UP, 60LB6500-UP, 60LB7100, 60LB7100UT, 60LB7100-UT, 60LB8700, 60PB6600, 60PB6600UA, 60PB6600-UA, 60PB6900, 60PB6900UA, 60PB6900-UA, 60UB8200, 60UB8200UH, 60UB8200-UH, 60UB8500, 60UB8500UA, 60UB8500-UA, 65LB6300, 65LB6300UE, 65LB6300-UE, 65LB7100, 65LB7100UB, 65LB7100-UB, 65LB7200, 65UB9200, 65UB9200UC, 65UB9200-UC, 65UB9300, 65UB9300UA, 65UB9300-UA, 65UB9500, 65UB9500UA, 65UB9500-UA, 65UB9800, 65UB9800UA, 65UB9800-UA, 65UC9700, 65UC9700UA, 65UC9700-UA, 70LB7100, 70LB7100UC, 70LB7100-UC, 77EC9800, 77EC9800UA, 77EC9800-UA, 77EG9700, 79UB9800, 79UB9800UA, 79UB9800-UA, 84UB9800, 84UB9800UA, 84UB9800-UA, 98UB9800, 98UB9800-UA, 98UB9800UA, 98UB9810, 98UB9810-UB, 98UB9810UB, 105UC9


Part Number: AN-MR500G

Description: Remote Control


Condition: USED; May Contain Scratches or Scuffs. 

Warranty Information

Sold: R15B6(CD111122)#15866; R11B10(CD123022)#16051


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Replacement for old one

    Posted by Sylvia on Jun 29th 2019

    Works well

  • 5
    good for original LG replacement

    Posted by Christine on Mar 5th 2019

    Good quality. Price

  • 5
    smart magic remote

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 10th 2018

    Great product, great price!