Original LG MR22GA Remote Control


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Product Overview

Brand: LG
Compatible Models:
28LM400B-PU, 32LQ630BPUA, 43NANO75UQA, 43UN7000PUB, 43UQ7070ZUD, 43UQ7070ZUM, 43UQ7590PUB, 43UQ7590PUK, 43UQ8000AUB, 43UQ8000AUK, 43UQ9000PUD, 50NANO75UQA, 50NANO80AQA, 50QNED80AQA, 50QNED80UQA, 50UQ7070ZUE, 50UQ7070ZUN, 50UQ7570PUA, 50UQ7570PUJ, 50UQ7570PUJ, 50UQ7590PUB, 50UQ7590PUK, 50UQ8000AUB, 50UQ8000AUK, 50UQ9000PUD, 55NANO75UQA, 55NANO80AQA, 55QNED80AQA, 55QNED80UQA, 55QNED85AQA, 55QNED85UQA, 55UQ7070ZUE, 55UQ7070ZUN, 55UQ7570PUA, 55UQ7570PUJ, 55UQ7590PUB, 55UQ7590PUK, 55UQ8000AUB, 55UQ8000AUK, 55UQ9000PUD, 65NANO75UQA, 65NANO80AQA, 65QNED80AQA, 65QNED80UQA, 65QNED85AQA, 65QNED85UQA, 65QNED90UQA, 65QNED99UQA, 65UN7000PUD, 65UQ7070ZUE, 65UQ7070ZUN, 65UQ7570PUA, 65UQ7570PUJ, 65UQ7590PUB, 65UQ7590PUK, 65UQ8000AUB, 65UQ8000AUK, 65UQ9000PUD, 70NANO75UQA, 70UN7070PUA, 70UQ7070ZUD, 70UQ7070ZUM, 70UQ7590PUB, 70UQ7590PUK, 70UQ8000AUB, 70UQ8000AUK, 70UQ9000PUD, 75NANO75UQA, 75NANO80AQA, 75QNED80AQA, 75QNED80UQA, 75QNED85AQA, 75QNED85UQA, 75QNED90UQA, 75QNED99UQA, 75UQ7070ZUD, 75UQ7070ZUM, 75UQ7590PUB, 75UQ7590PUK, 75UQ8000AUB, 75UQ8000AUK, 75UQ9000PUD, 86NANO75UQA, 86QNED80AQA, 86QNED80UQA, 86QNED85AQA, 86QNED85UQA, 86QNED90UQA, 86QNED99UQA, 86UQ7070ZUD, 86UQ7590PUD, 86QNED85UQA, 86QNED90UQA, 86QNED99UQA, 86UQ7070ZUD, 86UQ7590PUD, 86UQ7590ZUD, 86UQ8000AUB, 86UQ9000PUD, OLED42C2AUA, OLED42C2PUA, OLED42C2PUA, OLED48A2AUA, OLED48A2PUA, OLED48C2AUA, OLED55A2AUA, OLED55A2PUA, OLED55B2PUA, OLED55C2AUA, OLED65A2AUA, OLED65A2PUA, OLED65B2PUA, OLED65C2AUA, OLED65C2SW, OLED77A2AUA, OLED77A2PUA, OLED77B2PUA, OLED77C2AUA, OLED77C2PUA, OLED77Z2PUA, OLED83C2AUA, OLED88Z2PUA, OLED88ZXPUA, AKB76040002, MR22GN, OLED A2 series, OLED B2 series, OLED C2 series, OLED G2 series, OLED Z2 series, NANO75 series, NANO80 series, QNED 80 series, QNED 85 series, QNED 90 series, QNED 99 series, UHD 4K UQ70 series, UHD 4K UQ75 series, UHD 4K UQ80 series, UHD 4K UQ90 series, 2022 MAGIC REMOTE W/ MAGIC TAP (NFC), OLED65G2PUA, OLED65G2PUA-CUSQLJR, OLED65G2PUA CUSQLJR, OLED65G2PUACUSQLJR, OLED65G2PUA, OLED65G2PUA-DUSQLJR, OLED65G2PUA DUSQLJR, OLED65G2PUADUSQLJR,

Description: Remote Control
Condition: USED; May Contain Scratches or Scuffs.

Warranty Information

SHP: R15B19#16704; R15B19#16884; R15B19#16920; R15B19#walkin


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