Original Sony Remote Control RMF-TX800U


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Product Overview

Brand: Sony 
Compatible models:
Sony KD-50X80K
Sony KD-65X85K
Sony KD-65X80K
Sony XR-75X95K
Sony XR-85X90K
Sony KD-55X85K
Sony KD-43X85K
Sony KD-43X80K
Sony XR-77A80K
Sony KD-50X85K
Sony XR-65X90K
Sony KD-55X80K
Sony XR-65A80K
Sony XR-55X90K
Sony XR-85X95K
Sony XR-55A80K
Sony XR-75X90K
Sony XR-65X95K
Sony KD-75X80K

Description: TV Remote
Part Number: RMF-TX800U
Condition: New; Open Package
Notes/Comments: They may have minor scuffs or scratches from normal warehouse handling but are guaranteed to be fully functional.




Warranty Information

SHP: R6B9#16931; R6B6#16910; R6B22#17058; R6B6#TPG


(No reviews yet) Write a Review