Philips 65PUL7552/F7 Remote Control URMT26CND002


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Product Overview

Brand: Philips
Compatible Models:
Philips 65PUL7552/F7 
Philips 43PFL5766/F7,
Philips 50PFL5766/F7,
Philips 55PFL5766/FF,
Philips 55PFL5766/F7,
Philips 65PFL5766/F7,
Philips 43PUL7672/F7,
Philips 50PUL7552/F7,
Philips 50PUL7672/F7,
Philips 55PUL7672/F7,
Philips 65PUL7672/F7,
Philips 75PUL7552/F7

Description: Remote Control
Part Number: URMT26CND002 / S4X-RF439B
Condition: New; Open Package
Notes/Comments: These units are removed from the boxes of TVs which are damaged during shipment. They may have minor scuffs or scratches from normal warehouse handling but are guaranteed to be fully functional.

Warranty Information

SHP: R9B11#17242; R4B20#17384


(No reviews yet) Write a Review